About the Parent Trigger



 The Parent Trigger might just be the most powerful education reform policy since Milton Friedman advocated the school voucher. The policy limits government intervention and hands power back to those in the best position to make decisions for children: their parents.


Built on the framework of choice and democracy, the Parent Trigger empowers parents, holds schools accountable directly to their students, and offers flexibility to localities in education. Under the policy parents can opt to usher in one of several reforms: (1) transforming their school into a charter school, (2) supplying students with a voucher that they can spend on other non-public schools, or (3) closing the failing school and sending kids to better performing schools.


By offering different, empirically-tested reform options to parents, the Parent Trigger lets those who know best get the final say in how to fix their schools.

The Parent Trigger is as easy as A, B, C, D!

A. Organize with fellow parents.

B. Pick your reform option.

C. Get signatures on your petition.

D. Watch your school transform!