Parent trigger empowers parents by giving them the opportunity to hold teachers and administrators accountable for outcomes in education. Many families do not have the resources to move their child to another school or send their child to private school, but parent trigger gives those parents a voice to improve education outcomes for their child.

John McCollister, Executive Director, Platte Institute for Economic Research

The Rio Grande Foundation supports the parent trigger and other efforts to reform New Mexico’s troubled education system. The parent trigger in particular empowers parents to act on behalf of their children’s best educational interests.

Paul Gessing, President, The Rio Grande Foundation

The majority of parents across America are stuck with public schools assigned to them by ZIP code as their only option.  While many public schools do a fine job educating our children, some are failing to reach even the most basic academic standards.  For our kids, the results of this failure could not be more disastrous. But children stuck at failing schools need not wait in vain.  The parent trigger allows parents to take greater control over a public school that consistently fails to educate their children and transform it into one which actually meets the needs of students and families.”

Matthew Brouillette, President, The Commonwealth Foundation

The left cannot compete with an attractive educational reform like this.

Morton Blackwell, Chairman, The Weyrich Lunch; President, The Leadership Institute

The parent trigger empowers parents with the ability to demand reform of their public schools.  It is long overdue to put parents and kids first and provide opportunity for real change.  I served as the first White House Liaison for the U.S. Department of Education under President Reagan.  It was in the early 1980’s that “A Nation At Risk” came out.  That report served as a wake-up call for parents, taxpayers, policymakers and educators that our education system was falling behind other developed countries.  The time for reform is  now and the parent trigger gives parents the power to shape the education system to better serve their kids.

Peggy Venable, Texas Director, Americans for Prosperity