No child should be sentenced to a poor education because of their ZIP Code. The Parent Trigger puts parents back in charge of their children’s future.

Leo Knepper, Executive Director, Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania

We are fortunate that Louisiana is one of the states that has adopted a Parent Trigger. This reform helps to make schools more accountable and it empowers parents. The public sector should not be immune to the consequences of failure. I hope more states will make the Parent Trigger available.

Kevin Kane, President, Pelican Institute for Public Policy

The U.S. Conference of Mayors supports the creation of ‘parent trigger’ policy initiatives that include: Empowering parents with information about their child’s school’s performance so they can make informed decisions about their educational options; Empowering a majority of parents whose children attend one of the state’s persistently lowest-achieving schools to sign a petition to turnaround that school; Allowing parents to choose from one of at least four intervention options to improve their child’s school: turnaround, restart, school closure, or transformation; Establishing clear guidelines for the petition process and format, and ensuring parents’ privacy and protection from harassment and intimidation from those opposed to the petition; Requiring districts to implement the parent-selected intervention option within a specified time period; Enabling parents to appeal to state officials if the local district fails to act.

United States Conference of Mayors

While still new in education policy, parent trigger programs put the power of overhauling poor performing schools in the hands of parents…Parents know what’s best for their children and deserve to have options when choosing the educational model that best fits the needs of their family

American Federation for Children

Why would anyone resist giving parents information about their child’s education, or giving them the power to say ‘Enough is enough?’

Tim Melton, Vice President, StudentsFirst

The parent trigger law has attracted attention from legislators across the nation who are looking to put the “public” back into fractured public education systems…The law itself is sound. What we need to change is the political environment on the ground so that parents don’t feel intimidated when they exercise their rights…The law has already inspired great passion on all sides. Now we need to ensure that its intention is realized and that parents aren’t thwarted when they demand better schools for their children.

Gloria Romero, Director, CA Democrats for Education Reform, CA Parent Trigger Law Author

The California Parent Trigger is a historic new law that gives parents in California the right to organize and demand a real change at their child’s failing school. Under the Parent Trigger, parents at persistently low-performing schools can organize and transform their school based on what’s good for children, not adults.

Parent Revolution

Parent trigger laws introduce a way for parents to circumvent local school districts unwilling or unable to improve failing schools and directly initiate reforms… If carefully crafted, a parent trigger law in New York will empower citizens themselves design the overhaul of the hundreds of schools serving thousands of students, reform that has been avoided by an often immobile and unresponsive education system.

Foundation for Education Reform & Accountability

The parent trigger’s power is that it enables impassioned parents to break the grip of school boards that placidly preside over educational malpractice year after year.

Frederick M. Hess, Director of Educational Policy Studies, American Enterprise Institute

Lawmakers should seize the moment we are in to allow parents to take ownership of their child’s school. No matter which side of the aisle you are sitting on, we can all agree on the need to serve students, not protect a system.

Jonathan Butcher, Education Director, Goldwater Institute