Giving  parents a more meaningful voice in school reform.

Rep. Michael Bileca, Florida

Empowering parental choice is a vital component to reforming education. Keeping the focus on what is best for kids will allow both of us to improve education.

Rep. Paul Scott, Michigan

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the more parental involvement you have, the better for children.

Sen. Bill Montford, Florida

I’m a firm supporter of the Parent Trigger.  Who knows a child better than his or her parent? No one.  That is why parents should be able to have a stronger voice in determining what type of an education their children receive and deserve.

Sen. Michael Watson, Mississippi

It just makes sense for families to take charge of neighborhood schools from central bureaucracies and teachers’ union affiliates distant from their concerns for their children, or at the very least, use Parent Trigger laws to become lead decision-makers in the school with the district paying heed.

RiShawn Biddle, Editor, Dropout Nation

Giving families the power to turn around systemically failing schools that are not meeting the needs of our children.

Gwen Samuel, Founder, Connecticut Parents Union

The ultimate example of parent empowerment.

Jeanne Allen, President, Center for Education Reform

An integral part of improving education in Georgia is greater parent buy-in to their children’s education. The parent trigger proposal will assist parents with this in both well-established and struggling low performance schools. A quality education for all of our state’s children is critical to their future and ours. All parents should be given a greater voice in achieving this.

Rep. Edward Lindsey, Georgia

I’m really excited about the parent-trigger movement…where parents that have no power and have been cast aside for way too long now have been given the power to say, ‘If my school is not working I want a say on how to change it.

Gov. Jeb Bush, Florida

In a polarized political climate, this is an issue that Democrats and Republicans should agree on. It’s an issue we must build consensus around because it empowers our parents in the name of lifting up our kids. It allows a concerned community to work with educators, have their voices heard, and ultimately fix under-performing schools. The parent trigger gives us yet another tool to build that brighter future for our students that we all seek.

Antonio R. Villaraigosa, Mayor of Los Angeles