New ‘Parent Trigger’ Bill Would Let Families, Teachers Vote To Close Schools

From StateImpact Indiana:

The chair of the Indiana Senate’s Education Committee calls it “the smorgasbord menu of options for school reorganization.”

As part of a bill overhauling Indiana’s current “parent trigger” law, Sen. Dennis Kruse, R-Auburn, proposes giving parents, teachers or local school boards new powers to intervene in schools that have received at least three straight F’s from the state.

The legislation he filed Tuesday empowers any one of these groups to petition to either close a struggling school, transfer its students to schools with higher test scores or reorganize it as a charter school.

While some have criticized parent trigger measures as “inherently divisive” or as another means of diverting public dollars to private management companies, Kruse says parents in struggling schools should not have to wait through six years’-worth of F’s for the state to intervene.

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