• The Parent Trigger is as easy as A, B, C, D!

    A. Organize with fellow parents.
    B. Pick your reform option.
    C. Get signatures on your petition.
    D. Watch your school transform!

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  • It's time to pull the Parent Trigger

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  • It's time to bring education back to parents

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Parent Trigger

The Trigger Parents are allowed to circulate petitions calling for their local schools to be reformed. If a majority of parents sign a valid petition, school district officials must do what the parents ask.

Reform Options

Parents may choose to send their children to a different public school, convert the school into a charter school, or receive opportunity scholarships to send their children to the private school of their choice. It’s up to parents, not administrators, to choose the reform option that will work best.

Quick Results

Reforms must be implemented at the start of the next school year. No more waiting for years for complicated “turn-around” or “transformation” schemes to be implemented and begin to show results. Children are moved quickly to better schools, and start learning more right away.

In The News

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Rep. Paul Scott


Empowering parental choice is a vital component to reforming education. Keeping the focus on what is best for kids will allow both of us to improve education.


Sen. Michael Watson


I’m a firm supporter of the Parent Trigger. Who knows a child better than his or her parent? No one. That is why parents should be able to have a stronger voice in determining what type of an education their children receive and deserve.


RiShawn Biddle

Editor / Dropout Nation

It just makes sense for families to take charge of neighborhood schools from central bureaucracies and teachers’ union affiliates distant from their concerns for their children, or at the very least, use Parent Trigger laws to become lead decision-makers in the school with the district paying heed.


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Gwen Samuel

Founder / Connecticut Parents Union

Giving families the power to turn around systemically failing schools that are not meeting the needs of our children.


Gov. Jeb Bush


I’m really excited about the parent-trigger movement, where parents that have no power and have been cast aside for way too long now have been given the power to say, “If my school is not working I want a say on how to change it.”


Leo Knepper

Executive Director / Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania

No child should be sentenced to a poor education because of their ZIP Code. The Parent Trigger puts parents back in charge of their children’s future.


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